Shack Description


Single Op, SO2R, M/S, M/2, M/M (4 operating positions)


Elecraft K3 (2) filters: 2.7kHz, 2.1kHz (8 pole) 1kHz (8 pole), 400Hz (8 pole), identical sub rx Icom 7800
Icom IC-756 PRO III

Kenwood TM-261 (2 Meters)


Alpha Power 87A (2)
Alpha Power 91b
Dentron MLA2500

Antenna Tuners:

Drake MN-2700
Drake MN-2000

Antenna Switching:

HamPlus AS1204
- Allows any of 12 Antennas to be selected at any of 4 Operating Positions.
- Controller at each of 4 Operating Positions.


Networked Computers (4) (one with Quad Video Card, two with Dual Video Monitor Card)
- Windows 10 (2), Windows XP Pro (2), Writelog, W6ELProp, DXAtlas, ACE-HF
High Speed Internet Connection


W5XD Multi-Keyer SO2R Switch (2)
TopTen Band Decoder (3)
Microham Band Decoder (1)
DuneStar Band Pass Filter (4)
Array Solutions 2KW 20M and 40M Low Pass Filters
4O3A 2KW 10M, 15M, 20M, 40M and 80M Low Pass Filters
Ferrite on EVERY Cable
Heil Goldline Mic with Heil Mic Boom (2)
Heil Boom Headset (3)
Icom (3) Handheld Mic
Earbuds (3)
Bencher BY1 Paddle (2)
CT Chrome Paddle
MFJ Grandmaster Keyer
Uninterruptible Power Supply, 1250 Va (3), for Computers, Transceivers & Accessories
Fully Stocked Workbench, Toolkit, Spare Fuses, etc.
Backup Manual SO2R Switch
Operating Manuals for all Radio Equipment


Remote Controlled Air Conditioner
Ceiling Fan
Davis Wireless Weather Station